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True meaning of Success

What is success


I don’t think that I would like to define success with its common meaning these days. People say that you are successful if you achieve your goals. But, what about all the efforts if you cannot accomplish your goals? Did they waste? The modern understanding of “success” has a big flaw in it, and the previous question presents this flaw to the human eyes. Planning and specifying goals are important. I do not deny this simple fact. But, I think the success is the name of the action taken to reach a goal, but not reaching the goal. Not all of us will be rich, powerful, or will conquer the world. I know, success does not necessarily mean that you must be wealthy and powerful to name yourself a successful individual, but considering our movies, books, and so many other exposures in our daily life, one cannot go without inferring this meaning of success.

Factors not to be controlled

If we lived in a world which was solely turning around what we wanted, then I think success would mean to reach your goals. But, we are not alone, and the world is not ours only. In fact, let’s consider how many things we can control in our body, which we claim as ours. I think the only organs we can control are our eyes, hands, feet, mouth, and … I think it is pretty much all. When we drink, we can only claim our hand movements and moving the glass to our mouth as our controlled actions, but the rest is out of our reach and control. In short, what I am trying to say is that we cannot even control our bodies, but we are supposed to control many external factors to be considered successfully. For many, it is like saying to reach the skies without wings. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc. may have become all rich and powerful, but they were also at the right time in the right place. The market was open, ‚Äčand the industries realized the power of technology. There are so many startup companies that fail each day. All should I say “successfully end their one journey.” I know, I have been there for many and many times. I have attempted to establish my own business many times, but I have always ended my endeavours in one way or another. But the experience I have learned from those journeys were priceless. I grew both personally and professionally and learned many other things not just about programming but also dealing with people at a professional level. By the way, I talked about startup companies and technology because they are where I live and where I come from. So my examples are usually taken from my own experiences.

Then what’s success?

It is how the action you are willing to take and have taken, also your characteristic improvement during your journey. I think I hear your denials by saying what about money or other materials things that help me make my living. I am a realistic person, and I know they are important. But what I am saying is that once you take the action and improve both personally and professionally, the material things that you need to wage your life will flow in. Because, the more you learn, more valuable you will become for companies. Experience matters, and it matters big time. For instance, there are always things that people will not find in the books, but in your experience. Books are good, but they don’t accomplish anything. They need people who read them and act upon them.

So for your sake, redefine and refine the meaning of success, and set out for a good adventure in your life with the calculated risks. If you have the true meaning of failure and success, you are going to live a happier life with more hope towards your future. If you live a positive life, then you will always move forward without fear.