About Me

I have worked in the software development industry at many levels and positions and developed years of experience in the complete development cycle of delivering high caliber software solutions. I am also the author of the book "Hands-on With Go" by Packt Publishing, which teaches Go programming language with simple and practical examples that solve many day-to-day problems engineers face. Currently, I am working as a Senior Software Engineering Manager at Motorola Solutions. Engineering quality software that is robust with enough level of redundancy, and which is scalable to meet the growing demand and expectations of customers is not an easy task. It requires constant learning and hands-on exposure to different aspects of software development. Proactively contributing to every stage of the software development life-cycle helped me develop skills to take on many tough projects and deliver successful iterations in my career. I continuously work on tuning my decision-making skills to accurately identify the resources available at hand in the company to find ideal solutions for the customers. The stages in the software development life cycle I have been contributing for many years include requirement analysis, planning, designing, architecting, and implementing software solutions, writing automated tests to verify, improve, and maintain the quality; and doing all these in an agile fashion. I have led teams, helped them grow, provided them with mentorship to gain a strong skills-set at engineering software to deliver quality solutions in a reasonable amount of time. I consider myself a realistic, thorough thinker and to-the-point person when it comes to deciding what needs to be done within the situation presented with involving factors in mind such as available resources, customer urgency, software quality, team motivation, and many other known/unknown parameters.

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